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Cebu Marketing Agency

For our Cebu Marketing Agency selection process you’ll need to determine the internal review team. Choosing a new agency is definitely not a one person show. Usually the challenge is not finding people to participate, the challenges are limiting the review team to only essential people and clearly definingtheir roles and responsibilities up front. 

Choosing a new agency can be exciting and fun, but it’s also a serious time and resource commitment. Let me explain who should be on the internal agencyselection team and why and how to define roles for each member to ensure a smooth and collaborative process. 

In my experience marketing should definitely lead this effort. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times this doesn’t happen. For example, sometimes procurement or a non-marketing senior executive can take charge which typically doesn’t lead to the best process or agency selection, because they’re not the people who work with the agency every day or really understand the deliverables. It’s best to include people who represent other relevant disciplines in the company. 

This varies by company organizational structure and culture but basically whoever will in a significant way be involved with the new agency should have a seat at the table. Here are some examples of disciplines that tend to be involved. Marketing, an executive sponsor, business unit representation, sales or operations, procurement or finance and sometimes internal or corporate communications. 

Choosing the total number of people also will vary by your structure and culture. But generally you want at least three to four people and not more than eight to ten people. Make sure to check with everyone you invite if they’re prepared to commit time to this process. Once you’ve identified your team, who will be responsible for what throughout the process.Be clear about roles and responsibilities to get everyone’s buy in about their purpose on the team up front. 

There are a ton of different models and ways to go about this, so let’s keep it simple and focus on the three most important. Those who are decision makers or consulted or informed. Let’s break it down. Decision makers have a vote to make the final decision on which agency you choose. At least one senior marketing person should be a decision maker. People who are consulted are subject matter experts who’s opinions are sought at certain times within the process to evaluate an agency’s capability in a specific area. This is a two way communication that begins before a task is completed. 

And then there are people who are only informed. This is a one way communication to keep people up to date about the process, typically upon completion of a task or deliverable. They don’t have a final say on any decision. Last but not least designate one consistent point person to be the liaison between the internal selection team and all the agencies. 

This will create consistent and efficient communication throughout the process. This point person will organize and lead meetings,document decisions and report progress to senior executives. 

This could be a member of the marketing team, a person who championed the search or a project manager with experience leading long and complex projects. With the right team in place and an organized point person and defined roles, the group and process will keep on task and on time.

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